Your work history is irrelevant

When trying to land a new job or tell someone the details of a situation you’re in, most of us dive deep into the past. It makes us feel validated and tells why we area where we are in life.

But your past only lives in the present. It has not impact on you until you think about it right now. Some of these thoughts are subconscious because our past can impact us so deeply. But if you are not thinking about it right now, your past is not living on.

If your past lives in the present, this means the future does as well. It has not happened yet, but you get to think about it right now and feel excited and motivated, or terrified and scared. You get to decide what you want to think about it.

This week we dive into why we all go to our past and why that’s not doing us any favors. Listen and learn more.  

 What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Where your past lives
  • How your past impacts and shapes who you are right now
  • Why you should focus more on the future
  • What focusing on the future looks like

Mentioned on the show:

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