When you can’t stop the ticker tape of non-stop thoughts

Do you ever have those days (read as years) where you can’t stop the ticker tape of non-stop thoughts.

Things like:
– Why can’t I get up earlier?
– This is never going to work.
– If I knew how to do what you are asking, I would be your boss.
– There’s not enough time.

When I really started digging, I realized it was all because I was really good at feeling self-doubt and worry over what other people were going to think.

I always thought I was confident, but when I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, my anxiety took over and it freaked me out because I did not know what to do.

I read all the books, watched all the Ted Talks, and watched every documentary I could. It was not until I found actual tools that I could literally apply TODAY that I started to feel more confident.

Now, I just use these tools all the time and am back in the land of confidence and plan on staying there forever.

I’ve put together a course teaching exactly what has made the biggest difference for me because sharing is caring. You’re welcome.

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