What to do when you can’t keep up

Are you struggling to feel like you can keep up? Is your to do list growing and you feel like you can’t keep juggling it all?

When you are trying to juggle it all, you have to evaluate which things are rubber and which things are glass. You can let the rubber balls fall because they will bounce back up. Then you have time to focus on the glass ones.  

Even better, you can start evaluating everything on your plate and stop telling yourself you need to do it all. Learning to trust yourself, your relationships, and your past work makes it so much easier to stop trying to do it all.

Because, you can do anything, you just can’t do everything. Tune in this week and learn how to juggle it all.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to look at 5 areas of your life and decide which things you are willing to let drop and which things you want to focus on.
  • How to stop adding more to your plate so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.
  • How to trust yourself, your relationships, and your past work to be willing to step back when needed.

Mentioned on the show:

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