The proven formula to getting the results you want

Think about something you want. Something that you really want. The reason you have not reached that result yet is because of this one thing. This week we are diving into why we go about getting what we want all wrong and what to do about it instead. 

We are taught to go to school, work hard, and then we can reitre happy. But waiting to feel better untill we get the result we want just keeps us chasing. And no one wants to go through life waiting until tomorrow to feel better. 

Join me this week as I teach you the prove formula to getting the results you really want. And spoiler alert, it does not require working harder and pushing through all the hard stuff. List and learn more.


 What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The current formula we live by
  • Why we approach goals with this formula by default
  • The proven formula that will get you the result you want
  • How to start feeling better right now

Mentioned on the show:

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