Sunday night blues

I noticed I started going to bed late on Sunday nights thinking that might make it better. Like maybe if I don’t sleep, Monday won’t happen but inevitably Monday’s always come.

I tried all sort of things to stop hating Sunday nights like forcing myself to not think about work, refusing to review my weekly calendar, and trying to make Sunday nights extra fun with dessert, friends, or favorite TV shows, but nothing really worked.

Then one day I overheard someone talk about how they loved Monday’s. I judged them, wondered what drugs they were taking, and put them on my crazy list.

But I became curious how this was even a thing. In my brain, not dreading Mondays was not an option.

What would it be like to love Mondays or even just not hate them? How would that work? What would be different?

What if I never got the Sunday night blues again?

I decided to start managing my mind and choosing to think certain ways about Monday on purpose. I checked my weekly calendar on Sunday and thought about how productive my week was going to be. I thought how Monday’s are a fresh start. I decided to love Sunday nights because I could look back at the fun I had all weekend.

And guess what, it totally worked.

I still get the Sunday night blues every now and again, but only when I’m not actively choosing thoughts that serve me better.

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