Strengths and weaknesses

It’s that time of year where we start doing evaluations. We review how we performed against our goals, give peer feedback, and do our self-evaluation. A key part of self evaluations at work is identifying your strengths and weaknesses. But there are a few pitfalls I see people continue to get into around this.

Your strengths are not principles or guidelines your company has in place. Your strengths are what make you, you when you do your work. Your weaknesses are just your strengths overused. So the more you understand your strengths, the easier it is to identify your true areas of improvement.

Tune in this week and learn how to better identify your strengths and weaknesses. Start doing your self-evaluation for your own benefit, not just to tick a box at work. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What your strengths really are and why it’s important to start by identifying them
  • Common pitfalls people face when trying to identify their strengths
  • What your weaknesses are and what they are telling you
  • Good examples of true strengths and weaknesses

Mentioned on the show:

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