Research is a waste of time

Have you ever thought about making a big change in your life, or buying an expensive item, or taking some kind of big risk? Usually the first thing we do is research, but it can be such a waste of time.

Say for example you are looking to buy a new car. You might go online and look up reviews and features, ask a few friends and then test drive a few cars. But now what? Do you decide and move on, or keep researching?

Or maybe you are thinking about making a job change. You might check out the job board, have a few coffee chats, talk with former colleges who left the company and think about what you want in your next job. But how long do you spend researching things and waiting for the perfect job?

Most of us spend so much time researching because it feels better then taking action.

What if we make the wrong choice? What if we do not have all the information?

What if you just keep researching and never decide?

There are no such things as wrong choices because it is the decision that was made. When you argue with reality you lose every time.

You will probably NEVER have ALL the information because things constantly change.

I think they best way to move forward is to give yourself a set about of time to research and then make a decision and decide ahead of time that you are going to love your decision. Now you’ve changed your life or bought the new expensive thing or took the risk and you love it. You are moving forward with your life and getting more information as you continue to make more decisions.

What area in your life are you passively researching and wasting time. Commit to making a decision by the end of the week and commit to loving your decisions.

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