Pay attention to where you are going

I have twin 3 year olds that are…well 3. I love them and they drive me crazy. Whenever they walk anywhere, I’m always telling them to pay attention to where they are going. They love to look all around, behind them, and usually lock eyes with something to the side and just keep walking. I can’t tell you how many things they have run into. Doors, people, walls, down the stairs stairs, each other, you name it. They get so distracted by everything around them and just keep walking without worrying about where they are going.

This made me realize that so many of us are doing the same thing with our brains. We want to move forward with a problem but are looking behind us for evidence or over to the side at the shinny distraction. What’s usually behind us is proof why we have the problem and the shinny objects just satisfy our instant gratification monkey by avoiding the problem.

Whatever the problem is, you have to manage your brain. The ONLY reason you have ANY problem is because of your thinking.

Don’t look behind you and tell yourself I don’t know. Look forward and ask how could I know.

Stop focusing on the past for why you can’t reach you goal and start looking to the future on what your life is like once you’ve reached your goal.

Quit wasting time doing the things you don’t care about and start doing the things you really want even when you don’t feel like it.

Pay attention to where you are going. You’ve got amazing places to be.

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