Confidence Coaching Training Videos

Below you will find the 6 videos that will teach you more details on how to be more confident. 

Watch them in order, but don’t get overwhelmed and let your perfectionist overachieving self get all wrapped up and try to binge watch them in one night. 

Remember, the goal is to start practicing and applying what these tools. There’s no rush and applying and doing even a fraction of the things taught in these videos will have a big impact on your confidence.

Each video is meant to be watched before the corresponding coaching session. Please watch it before our session and start practicing what you learned. Then on our calls, we can make sure you understand it, are applying the tools correctly, and are starting to see results. 

You got this! 

Coaching Session 1 Video - The Basics

Coaching Session 2 Video - Confidence vs. Self Confidence

Coaching Session 3 Video - How to Let People Judge You

Coaching Session 4 Video - How to Fail Forward

Coaching Session 5 Video - How to Trust Yourself

Coaching Session 6 Video - How to be Future Focused