Insecure Overachievers

On average, do you work less than 50 hours a week? Are you satisfied with your success at work? Do you like your work/life balance? Are you confident you are not close to burnout at work?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this episode is for you.

We no longer work a 40 hour work week from 9-5. We are globally connected 24 hours and work with people around the world. Our “working hours” are fluid and all over the place.

It’s easy to overachieve and work crazy hours to be the top performer. Companies look for this in candidates. They even reward overachievers with promotions and more money. But if the reason why you are overachieving is to prove your worth, it’s an uphill battle.

Tune in this week and learn how stay driven and work hard, but not overachieve at the expense of your sanity. Burnout is easy to get to, but hard to walk backwards from. Listen and learn how.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Where the 40 hours a week, 9-5 schedule originated from
  • How overachieving is encouraged and rewarded at work
  • Why overachieving can lead to burnout
  • How to not be an insecure overachiever

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