Impostor Syndrome

A buzz word at work these days is Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor Syndrome is when you feel like a fraud because people might find out you can’t actually do all the things they think you can do. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has felt this way at one point or another.

For example, say it’s your first week at a new job and you are getting a better feel for all the things you are now responsible for. You probably have moments where you feel under qualified, but so what?

Are you making it mean you are going to fail and get fired? Are you making it mean they might regret hiring you?

These thoughts and feelings all stem around fear because deep down you agree with what people might be thinking. 

You’re worried because what if you make a mistake. What if you made the wrong choice? What if they hate you? What if you hate the job? What if you get fired? What if? 

Worse case scenario, you go and find a new job. Best case scenario, you figure it out, rock at your job and get promoted. 

Learn the secret to overcoming this on this weeks episode of the More than a Paycheck podcast: