How to push back

Do you get frustrated when stakeholders keep slowing down your project because they push back on everything? Are you on the end of losing it because your leaders keep asking for random requests last minute?

This week I’m teaching you one of my most powerful and easiest tricks in the books. Using this tool will help you push back in a way that builds trust while maintaining balance.

The goal is to say yes and… When you do this, it shows you’re on their side, willing to help, and removes any resistance. It also opens a conversation to align on how you are prioritizing it or how you are going to approach it before you get started.

It’s a simple tool, but the application is endless.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why people get defensive when you push back
  • How to pushback without adding needed to work more hours
  • Why it’s so effective
  • How it works in real examples

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