How to mentally disconnect from work at the end of the day

Most people have a hard time mentally shifting from work mode to life mode and staying there all evening. We constantly stress and worry about work, which makes us not get the rest we need in our down time. Then we feel even more stressed because we are tired and worn out

Psychological detachment from work has been researched and found that if you don’t give your brain time to rest, it negatively impacts your ability to work. Just like your body needs physical rest, your brain needs emotional rest.

Learning to let the parts of your brain that process information have some down time means you need to know how to engage other areas of your brain. And learn to do this means you don’t have to go on vacation or travel to locations without the internet to truly disconnect.  

Tune in this week and learn how really allow yourself to not think about work all night long. It’s easier than you think.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What psychological detachment from work is
  • Why it’s crucial to your career success
  • How to detach from work daily
  • What impact it has on your brain and your emotional health

Mentioned on the show:

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  • Research about psychological detachment from work
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