How to make decisions

Have you ever thought about how to actually make decisions?

There’s all sorts of advice and tips available about making decisions, but when it comes down to it the way you decide is you just make a decision and move forward.

Say for example you are trying to decide if you should get a new job or not. You might list pros and cons and explore your options but when the time comes, you just decide and move on.

Often, we struggle to make decisions because we are worried about making the wrong decision, but I like to think about decisions in terms of one-way doors.

A one-way door is a decision that cannot be changed and very few decisions are actually one-way doors.

Get a new job and hate it, find another new job.

Stay at your job and not grow the way you wanted, change teams.

Buy a house and regret it, sell it and live someplace else.

We spend so much time thinking about what decision to make when we would be better off just actually deciding and taking action than continuing to think about it. The action part will give us so much better info around our decision than any pros or cons list.

Start practicing with small things. Next time you go out to eat, decide what you want to order before the waiter comes for your drink order and notice how much more time you have to enjoy the company you are with. Or when you turn on Netflix, watch the first thing that looks good and notice how much better the night is actually watching a show and not making sure you pick the right thing.

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