How to cope with life during COVID-19 – Episode 4

Things are crazy and we are dealing with a global pandemic that seems to have more questions than answers. Just like staying physically healthy is important, practicing mental health is equally as important.

What you are feeling is completely normal, but in this episode, you’ll learn a few tool to manage your mental health so you don’t spinout in overwhelm.

Your brain is designed to look for danger and it’s obsessed with trying to  solve problems. Learning to let your brain keep doing it’s thing is important, but you can help manage it so you can keep moving forward with life.

Quit shoulding all over yourself.

Socially distance yourself from the constant feed of information.

Focus on what’s true right now.

Give yourself a real problem to solve.

Make a 30 day goal.

You got this.

If what you heard made sense to you and you want help applying it to your specific situation, grab some time on my calendar and let’s come up with a plan to get you feeling more confident today.