How to be okay when it’s not okay – Episode 6

I once had my position eliminated and I knew logically I would figure something out, but emotionally I as angry and stressed. Nothing anyone said made me feel any better.

When we are really struggling with things, there’s a more effective way to deal with it than trying to positive through your way through it.

In this week’s episode, you are going to learn how to stop feeling so annoyed, anxious, and frustrated when life is not going the way you want.  Like when you don’t get the job or don’t get the promotion or feel like you can’t ever get ahead and have some work life balance.

You don’t actually want to feel good about these things and that’s okay. Learning how to literally feel your emotions or disappointment, or stress, or annoyance is the secret to feeling better.

Knowing how to feel your emotions takes practice, but it’s the secret to feeling better. When you stop trying to resist them and just work your way through them, they go away and you can move past them.

If what you heard made sense, I have a limited number of free coaching spots each week to help you apply this to your specific situation. Grab some time on my calendar and let’s come up with a plan to get you feeling more confident today.