How I’ve lasted so long and love my job


Mornings use to be the worst! I would hit the snooze button a dozen times and negotiate every possible way to keep sleeping and put off going into work. I dreaded my job and it took a daily self-pep talk to force myself into the office. I can’t count how many days I would drive into the parking garage and sit in my car for a good 20-30 minutes before finally building up the strength to go in.

I was so stressed and overwhelmed because I felt like there was nothing that could help. That was just “the culture” and my employer is known to have an intense environment. I wanted out, but did not have the time or emotional energy to even think about updating my resume or looking for a new job.
Fast forward a few years and my mornings are pretty much the opposite. Okay, let’s be honest. I still snooze a few times, but I don’t dread my job and can walk into work every morning ready for the day. Not only am I’m still at the same company, but I have lasted 6 times longer than the average employee.

What changed?

I learned how to use and apply a simple and game changing tool called The Model.

This model was developed by Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School and intellectually seems so simply, but was mind blowing when I actually put it into practice.

The ModelC – Circumstance
T – Thoughts
F – Feelings
A – Actions
R – Results

Circumstances are neutral facts that everyone would agree with. Thoughts are sentences in our brains we think about our circumstances. Our thoughts create our feelings which drive our actions, and based upon what we do or don’t do, we get a result. Simple as that.

By applying this model to every aspect of my job, I went from anxiety and stress and overwhelm, to confidence and peace and even fun at times.

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