How do you feel about yourself

If you had to write down 25 things about yourself that you like could you do it? Sounds easy, but I dare you to try. It can be anything from, I like my hair to I’m a great listener.

Seriously, try writing down 25 things. Most of us have a hard time doing this and really have to start digging. I think the real good stuff happens when we get deep.

What would you want to be on your list? Could you write a list of 100 things? Why?

I think it’s so important to take the time to evaluate how you feel about yourself. It seems like if you love yourself and think you are amazing, you will become complacent and not grow and progress as a human, but actually the opposite is true.

Everything we do depends on how we are feeling so if you feel love and compassion and curiosity about yourself, you are going to take care of yourself and honor your commitments to yourself and do the hard things even when we don’t want to. When you are feeling shame or disgust or frustration with yourself, you are going to take the easy road out and not try new things or grow.

So the key to getting what you want out of life, is having a healthy relationship with yourself and knowing that you have your own back.

If you had a hard time writing down 25 things, finish the list with things you want to belive about yourself and practice believe them. Image all the things you could do if you did believe them and start doing those things today.

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