Emotional exhaustion

Feeling tired because you worked hard, stayed on track, got lots of things done, and had fun along the way feels amazing. Feeling tired because you stressed and worried all day and feel like you are still behind is exhausting.

There are two main reasons we feel emotionally exhausted. The first is spending emotion energy wishing things were different. The second reason is we think things will be better when _____ (fill in the blank) changes.   

But this is the reason we feel exhausted is because of how you are thinking about your situation. This is great news because you can choose how to think about it, but listen and learn how to do it.  

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you feel emotionally exhausted
  • How wishing things were different is a root cause of emotional exhaustion
  • How thinking things will get better when they are different is an emotionally exhausting trap
  • How to stop feeling so exhausted and move forward

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