Career Inputs and Outputs – Episode 3

Inputs are the things you can do to reach your goal. Outputs are the results of the inputs. It’s important to focus on both, but focusing more on the inputs will move your career forward faster.

In this week’s episode, you will learn the main coaching tool I use with all of my clients. It’s the key to doing what you know needs to be done to reach your goals. When you don’t feel like it or lack motivations, it shard to have a difficult conversation or be willing to put yourself out there. But when you use this coaching tool, you will start taking the actions you know you should be taking.

The self coaching model

C – Circumstances – This is the data or neutral facts.

T – Thoughts – We have a lot of thoughts and beliefs about our circumstances.

F – Feelings – The thoughts we have are what create our feelings.

A – Actions – Depending on how we are feeling, we do and don’t do different things.

R – Results – Based on what you do and don’t do, this creates your results in life.

If what you heard made sense to you and you want help applying it to your specific situation, grab some time on my calendar and let’s come up with a plan to get you feeling more confident today.