Accept what is (Self esteem STEP 3)

When you lose your keys and are running late to an appointment, most of us tend to freak out and run around like a crazy person, tearing through the house trying to find them. At some point we accept they are missing and find a different way to get there or reschedule. Once you have calmed down and admitted the keys are gone, this is the point you have accepted what is. It’s also the point where you start to find a solution that does not requiring cleaning up the house you tore apart.

When we learn to accept what is, it gives us the ability to stop making it harder on ourselves and start looking towards solutions. Accepting what is, is not agreeing with, liking it, or giving up. It’s dropping the panic and overwhelm and moving to problem solving mode.

Accepting what is also means learning to accept who you are, exactly as you are, right now. When you stop shoulding on yourself and telling yourself it will be better when, things get better in the moment. You also start to change what you want because you like you, not because you can’t like yourself until you change.

The faster you can learn to accept things, the faster you can change what you want.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What accepting what is, is
  • What accepting what is, is not
  • Why it’s important to accept what is to boost your self esteem
  • How to accept what is

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