3 ways to get through a performance improvement plan

If you find yourself on a performance improvement plan, chances are you’re panicked and freaking out. You’re not sure what to do or how to get off the plan. You’re worried about what’s going to happen. And you’re made because it’s not fair.

I’ve worked with clients in this exact spot. And every single one of them has made it off the performance plan.

The secret is learning to get yourself to a better place emotional so that you can dig in and do the work. It’s possible, but the fastest way to figure it out is with help from someone.

In this week’s episode, you are going to learn 3 steps to get through a performance improvement plan. They worked for my clients and they will work for you too.

Who’s your mentor? Let me be your mentor and coach. I have just a few free calls left. Grab some time on my calendar  and let’s come up with a plan to get you feeling more confident today.