11 ways to boost your self esteem today

Unless you are a robot, your self esteem goes up and down at times. But when you like yourself, the hard parts of life are so much easier to deal with. But when was the last time you actively tried to work on improving yourself esteem.

The first step is learning to become aware of where you are at. If you don’t know where you are starting, it’s hard to know what to work on and change to get where you want to go. Next, it’s important to get clear on where you believe your value comes from. Because if you don’t think you are worth it, it’s harder to move forward. Next you’ve got to learn to separate out the data from the drama to accept what is. Then we are ready to get to work.  

Tune in this week as we dive into the 11 things you can start doing right away to put all of this into practice and start boosting your self esteem today. Listen and learn.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What really is a healthy self esteem
  • The steps to boosting your self esteem

11 ways to put these steps into practice today

  • How to practice being nicer to yourself

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