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Hey, I'm Lindsay.

As an 8 year Amazon employee and certified Life Coach, I understand the anxiety that’s always there because your week is packed and you’re one escalation away from having it all fall apart.

You shouldn’t have to constantly question how you are doing and wonder if your manager is ever going to promote you.

What I teach is not something you’ve heard before.

If you are ready to take back ownership of your career and start feeling more confident, download my free confidence course to learn the ONE thing you need to do to be more confident today.

Before I started working with Lindsay, it took a little extra effort and motivation to get myself into the office each morning. I was frustrated because I couldn't talk my way out of it--I couldn't just convince myself that I wasn't unhappy. Lindsay's coaching helped me realize that my feelings were pretty normal, and that I just hadn't had the toolset before to help me deal with it. She did help me understand where my dissatisfaction was coming from, and what I could do to fight back against thoughts that were dragging me down.

Amazon Employee

I recommend coaching with Lindsay to anyone who wants to generally feel better as they go through their day. She taught me a model that helped me separate my feelings from the circumstances happening at work. When I start to get upset or anxious about a situation, I find that I'm now able to take a step back and come at the problem with a more neutral or even positive outlook. I've noticed improvements in my stress levels as a result. Sign up with her, you won't regret it!

Amazon Employee

This coaching was very beneficial and highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out their next move in a job or life. This coaching will teach you how to analyze a situation and realize what is a fact and what you have control over changing how you think about it. Since getting coaching, I already notice a difference in how I view myself at work and how I respond to situations I once used to respond to negatively.

Amazon Employee
Thursday, August 31, 2017

This coaching helped me to learn to practice thoughts that will better serve myself. It gave me new perspectives to think about the difficult situations I am facing and help me take actions more positively and confidently. It's practical as I can apply what I learned to my daily life.

Adobe Employee

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